Board of Directors Golf Club Altenhof e.V.

Our Articles of Association distinguish between the Executive Board pursuant to Section 26 of the German Civil Code ("Executive Board") and the Extended Executive Board. The executive board consists of three persons, namely the president, the vice president and the treasurer.
According to the Articles of Association, the extended Executive Board must consist of at least nine members; it can be extended by two additional assessors upon proposal by the Executive Board. We currently make use of this right of election, so that the Golf Club Altenhof has eleven board members. The board members are responsible for the areas of treasury (treasurer), operations (captain), course, youth, clubhouse, competitive sports and public relations. Our landlord is a "born member" of the board.

The extended board meets at least once a month, usually in the clubhouse. We maintain an open culture of discussion and have drafted a common mission statement for the club to guide our actions. Please feel free to contact any of us at any time with questions or suggestions.



President Dr. C. Christian Büll
Vice president/assessor (competitive sports) Dr. Jens Bäumken
Chief Financial Officer Sven Marxsen
Captain golf Magdalena Hoffmeister
Youth Representative Angelika Ackerhans
Platzbeauftragter Peter Finck
Course Representative Dr. Hartmut Joswig
Lessor Felix von Bethmann-Hollweg
Assessor (Public Relations) Britta Petersen
Assessor Dr. Wolfgang Makowski
Assessor Prof. Dr. Jürgen Thede