Match schedule

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General Terms and Conditions of the Golf Club Altenhof e.V.

  1. The game is played a) according to the recognized golf rules, the rules of the game and the betting conditions of the DGV b) according to the course rules of the Golf Club Altenhof e.V., 24340 Altenhof.

  2. The respective announcement for a betting game as well as the entry deadline will be announced by notice in the clubhouse as well as online via the homepage of the golf club.

  3. The same applies to the fixed starting times.

  4. Registrations for betting games are made via the homepage of the golf club at PC-Caddy.

  5. If the field of participants has to be limited due to a too high number of registrations, registrations will be considered according to the date of receipt.

  6. The match management will be announced by notice in the clubhouse.

  7. The order of the starts (creation of the start list) will be determined by the match management.

  8. Entry fees are to be paid at the secretary's office before each match. Foreign guests are requested to carry a current handicap sheet with them at all times and to present it to the course management upon request.

  9. Play Ready Golf in the counting game, but in a safe and responsible manner.

  10. Players may not ride on any conveyance during the stipulated round unless approved by the Match Committee.

  11. In a tournament, if the Match Committee has suspended play because of danger, all players shall immediately suspend their play and shall not play another stroke until the Match Committee orders play to continue.

  12. The scorecard is generally returned to the secretary's office. The scorecard is considered surrendered when the player has left that area. It is strongly recommended that each player hands in his card personally to avoid possible misunderstandings.

  13. In the event of equal scores, a card draw will be held, with a selection of holes decided by difficulty (hardest/easiest). The individual announcement can determine a different play-off mode.

  14. For the gross score, a CR equalization takes place, if the individual invitation to tender does not provide otherwise.

  15. Each competition ends with the posting of the result list or the announcement of the winners at the award ceremony.

  16. In case of cancellations for registered tournaments after the closing date or non-appearance at the start, the full entry fee must be paid.

  17. The Golf Club Altenhof e.V. reserves the right to change the dates, the mode of play and the prizes.

  18. All participants agree that the start and result lists will be posted in the clubhouse and can be viewed on the Internet at